vidaXL Solid Acacia Wood Firewood Storage Shed

vidaXL Solid Acacia Wood Firewood Storage Shed

vidaXL Solid Acacia Wood Firewood Storage Shed


Keep your fire log organised, stacked and aired with this solid and compact wooden log shed! Made of solid acacia wood with the oil finish, this storage shed is exceedingly sturdy, durable and rot resistant. Sloped roof design with included tarp allows for efficient water runoff to keep firewood dry. Both sides with lattice design ensures sufficient air circulation. Additionally, the large opening in the front makes for easy access to the wood.

Main Features

  • Colour: Brown frame + blue tarp
  • Material: Solid acacia wood and PVC tarp
  • Dimensions: 105 x 38 x 115 cm (W x D x H)
  • Includes a roof for extra protection

Efficient Firewood Storage

Keep your log dry and aired with our acacia wood firewood storage shed! This wood shed presents an efficient solution to store a large quantity of logs. The solid acacia wood construction with an oil finish ensures durability and resistance to rot. The sloped roof design, along with the included tarp, allows for efficient water runoff, keeping your firewood dry even during rainy seasons.

Ample Air Circulation

Both sides of the shed feature a lattice design, ensuring sufficient air circulation. This helps to prevent moisture build-up and promotes proper drying of the firewood. With proper air circulation, your firewood will be ready to use whenever you need it, without the risk of mold or decay.

Easy Access

The large opening in the front of the shed makes it easy to access the wood. You can conveniently stack and retrieve logs without any hassle. Whether you need firewood for a cozy winter evening or for an outdoor barbecue, this storage shed provides easy access to your logs.

Simple Assembly

Assembling the shed is a straightforward process. With the provided instructions and included hardware, you can quickly set up the storage shed and start organizing your firewood. Spend less time on assembly and more time enjoying your fire.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the shed weatherproof?

The shed is made of solid acacia wood and comes with a PVC tarp for extra protection. It is designed to withstand various weather conditions and keep your firewood dry.

2. How much firewood can the shed hold?

The shed has dimensions of 105 x 38 x 115 cm (W x D x H), providing ample space to store a large quantity of logs. The exact capacity may vary depending on the size of the logs.

3. Can the shed be locked?

No, the shed does not come with a locking mechanism. However, you can easily add a padlock or other security measures to ensure the safety of your firewood.

In conclusion, the vidaXL Solid Acacia Wood Firewood Storage Shed is a reliable and practical solution for keeping your firewood organized and protected. With its sturdy construction, efficient design, and easy access, this shed is a must-have for any outdoor space. Get yours today and enjoy hassle-free firewood storage!