Silver HOLISTICS Colloidal Silver Liquid Bundle – Immune Support Supplement

Silver HOLISTICS Colloidal Silver Liquid Bundle – Immune Support Supplement

Silver HOLISTICS Colloidal Silver Liquid Bundle

Boost your immune system with the Silver HOLISTICS Colloidal Silver Liquid Bundle. This bundle includes a 4 oz spray bottle and a 16 oz refill solution, both containing pure colloidal silver. Made in the USA, our product is safe for children, adults, and pets.

Pure Colloidal Silver for Easy Absorption

SILVER HOLISTICS produces pure colloidal silver in distilled water. Our colloidal silver 10ppm solution, also known as colloidal silver water, allows for easy absorption of nutrients and elimination. It is an efficient and effective solution for seasonal flu and cold.

Constant Immune Support

Our silver supplement provides constant immune support as it is rich in silver particles. In addition to boosting the immune system, it helps decrease inflammation, fight minor skin problems, and rid the gut of impurities and toxins.

Complete Bundle for Convenient Use

This bundle includes a blue-tinted glass spray bottle of silver (4 oz) and a refill solution (16 oz) with a free dropper. The spray bottle can be used for easy application as it sprays a fine mist, while the large glass bottle (16 oz) can be used for refilling purposes.

Safe for All

We aim to provide one of the purest solutions available. Our silver mineral supplement is free from preservatives, stabilizers, and added salts. These colloidal silver drops are safe for children, adults, and even your beloved pets.

Made in the USA

SILVER HOLISTICS produces its colloidal silver in the USA. It contains only 99.999% silver and pure distilled water. Choose us as our greatest concern is the integrity of your silver. This product is 100% safe and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is colloidal silver safe for children?
  2. Yes, our colloidal silver is safe for children.

  3. Can I use the spray bottle for other liquids?
  4. No, the spray bottle is specifically designed for colloidal silver.

  5. How often should I take the colloidal silver?
  6. It is recommended to take the colloidal silver as directed on the packaging or as advised by a healthcare professional.


Experience the immune-boosting benefits of Silver HOLISTICS Colloidal Silver Liquid Bundle. Made with pure colloidal silver and free from additives, our product provides constant immune support. The complete bundle ensures convenient use, and it is safe for all. Choose SILVER HOLISTICS for a 100% safe and healthy solution.