Restube Beach Pull Inflatable Water Safety Buoy-Float Buoyancy

Restube Beach Pull Inflatable Water Safety Buoy-Float Buoyancy

Restube Beach Pull Inflatable Water Safety Buoy-Float Buoyancy


Are you passionate about surfing big waves, kayaking in white waters, or wild swimming in open uncharted waters? If so, Restube extreme is a must-have for you. As a water sports athlete, training alone and pushing your limits is part of your life. Restube’s extreme swimming float helps you keep your focus on your performance. With just a pull of the trigger, Restube inflates within seconds, providing you with instant buoyancy. It’s the perfect companion for any water sports athlete.

Main Features

  • Splint closing system and exchangeable belt
  • Pull the trigger at any time to inflate in seconds
  • Quick and easy way to rest and float
  • Weighs only 305g in water neutral weight
  • Won’t slide around while swimming thanks to its swim belt
  • 75N (7,5kg) of buoyancy keeps everyone afloat
  • Excellent visual aid for boaters and swimmers, once triggered
  • Includes a safety whistle and zippered key pocket
  • Reusable (requires a RESTUBE replacement CO2 cartridge)
  • Made from heavy-duty materials that meet life jacket standards

How to Use Restube

Attaching the swimming float is incredibly easy. You can either attach it horizontally or vertically around your waist, belt, or any piece of equipment such as the harness of your kite. Restube has no noticeable drag or weight, so you’ll barely know it’s there until you need to use it. In an emergency, simply pull the trigger to inflate the float buoy. If not, you can use your mouth to inflate it and save the CO2 cartridge for when it’s needed.

Take Your Performance to the Next Level

Thanks to the safety and peace of mind that Restube provides, you can now take your performance in extreme water sports to the next level. Restube’s life buoy is there to back you up, giving you the freedom to give everything within you. With its splint pin closure, accidental inflation by rough conditions or extreme forces is prevented. The super-fast inflation ensures that you are just one pull away from instant floatability. Its buoyancy of 75N (7,5 kg) makes it suitable for all body sizes. Additionally, Restube’s high visibility ensures that you can be easily spotted in open water, thanks to its expansive size (65×13 cm) and bright color. Even for non-emergency use, you can inflate the life float with your mouth before hitting open waters and use it as a pull buoy to get noticed by other users.

Unintruding Safety Accessory

Whether you’re kite surfing, wind surfing, kayaking, or wild swimming, Restube’s built-in crossed belts will keep it stable, even if mounted onto a harness. It is conveniently stored in a small pouch, ensuring that it won’t hinder your performance. Restube is researched and designed in Germany, using the highest quality materials. The extra strong bag is made of high-quality Nylon, while the robust safety buoy is made from durable Nylon with a Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) that meets life jacket standards, ensuring a long-lasting functional life.

Included Components

  • 1x Restube extreme
  • 1x 16g CO2 cartridge
  • 1x manual

Get your Restube extreme now and embrace the moment. Feel free and ready to give everything within you, knowing that Restube’s life buoy is backing you up.