Houseables Urinal Mats – Eliminating Odor in Men’s Bathrooms

Houseables Urinal Mats – Eliminating Odor in Men’s Bathrooms

Houseables Urinal Mats – Eliminating Odor in Men’s Bathrooms


Are you tired of dealing with unpleasant odors in your men’s bathroom? Look no further! Introducing the Houseables Urinal Mats, a revolutionary solution to eliminate odor and maintain cleanliness in your restroom. With a pack of 12 disposable floor pads, you can say goodbye to unpleasant smells and hello to a fresh and hygienic environment.

Main Features

  • Pack of 12 urinal mats
  • Dimensions: 17.25″ x 20.5″
  • Available in black and blue
  • Homeplate design for easy placement
  • Made with high-quality polypropylene fibers
  • Disposable for convenient use
  • Effectively prevents splashes and spills
  • Eliminates odor caused by urine

Why Choose Houseables Urinal Mats?

When it comes to maintaining a clean and odor-free men’s bathroom, the Houseables Urinal Mats are the ultimate solution. Here’s why you should choose them:

  1. Effective Odor Elimination: The polypropylene fibers used in these mats are specially designed to absorb and neutralize odors caused by urine. Say goodbye to unpleasant smells!
  2. Hygienic and Disposable: With their disposable nature, these mats ensure a hygienic environment. Simply replace them when needed, and enjoy a fresh and clean restroom.
  3. Splash Prevention: The Homeplate design of these mats effectively prevents splashes and spills, keeping your bathroom floor dry and safe.
  4. Easy to Use: The Houseables Urinal Mats are designed for easy placement and removal. Simply lay them in front of urinals, and dispose of them when necessary.
  5. High-Quality Construction: Made with durable polypropylene fibers, these mats are built to last. They can withstand heavy foot traffic and maintain their effectiveness over time.


Don’t let unpleasant odors ruin the experience in your men’s bathroom. Invest in the Houseables Urinal Mats and enjoy a fresh and hygienic restroom environment. With their effective odor elimination, splash prevention, and easy-to-use design, these mats are a must-have for any establishment. Say goodbye to odor and hello to cleanliness!