Gundam Virtue – Bandai Hobby

Gundam Virtue – Bandai Hobby

Gundam Virtue – Bandai Hobby


The Gundam Virtue, the Gundam piloted by Tieria Erde in Mobile Suit Gundam 00, finally joins the MG series lineup! This Bandai Spirits Hobby MG 1/100 Model Kit is a must-have for Gundam enthusiasts. With its iconic feature of transitioning into the Gundam Nadleeh, this kit offers a unique building experience.

Main Features

  • Recreate the transition into the Gundam Nadleeh
  • Packed with various gimmicks
  • Proportions re-considered under MG series standards
  • Includes a wide range of armaments such as the GN Bazooka and Gundam Nadleeh Beam Rifle

Product Details

This Bandai Hobby MG 1/100 Model Kit includes the following:

  • GN Cannons x2
  • GN Bazooka x1
  • GN Shield x1
  • GN Beam Sabers x2
  • GN Beam Rifle x1
  • GN Beam Rifle effect part x1
  • GN Drive x1
  • Solar Reactor x1
  • Figures x3 types
  • Foil stickers x1
  • Marking stickers x1
  • Polypropylene Sheet x1

Officially Licensed and Safety Tested

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