DELEXI All-in-one At Home Waxing Kit for Women

DELEXI All-in-one At Home Waxing Kit for Women

DELEXI All-in-one At Home Waxing Kit for Women


Experience the luxury of hair removal wax (cera para depilar) in the comfort of your own home, all at the price of just one Brazilian salon session. Whether you’re searching for an eyebrow wax kit or a starter hair removal kit with painless wax or wax beads, Delexi presents the finest hair wax removal system – the DELEXI machine for hair removal. Specifically designed for women, this professional heater and home waxing kit revolutionizes the way you remove unwanted hair. Say goodbye to traditional methods like sugar wax, cold wax hair removal, or messy strips. Embrace the convenience of a professional-grade eyebrow waxing kit or a European cosmetologist kit. With Delexi, you get the best wax kit, a top-notch waxing pot, and the most exceptional bikini waxing kit, complete with premium waxing beans.

Main Features

1. Professional-grade Waxing Kit

Indulge in the pleasure of the best wax for hair removal, thanks to our 5-star beauty salon wax warmer kit, delivering an A-grade hair removal experience right at your fingertips.

2. Versatile and Easy-to-use

Delexi’s wax warmer is equipped with easy-to-use applicators and special hot wax beans for all body areas, including the nose, lip, Brazilian, bikini, armpit, underarm, and legs. We’ve done all the hard work for you, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

3. Trusted and Reputable

As Seen On…! Our unique hard wax warmer kit has garnered attention from Forbes, New York Times, CBS News, ABC, NBC, and COSMOPOLITAN, making it a trusted and reputable choice for achieving salon-quality hair removal results at home!

4. Complete Waxing Kit

Save money, time, and energy! No more expensive salon appointments every month; you have everything you need with the DELEXI waxing kit to efficiently remove unwanted hair on your whole body, like the bikini area, Brazilian, underarms, legs, eyebrows, chest, back, and mustache!

5. Easy to Clean and Reusable

Super easy to clean with silicone waxing kit accessories: Wax Warmer Silicone Bowl + Silicone Clean Collars + the silicone mat and silicone applicators help you not to spill the melted wax on the warmer or other surfaces. All pieces are heat safe, non-stick, and reusable!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this waxing kit suitable for sensitive skin?

A: Yes, the DELEXI All-in-one At Home Waxing Kit is suitable for sensitive skin. The premium waxing beans and gentle application process ensure a comfortable experience.

Q: How long does the wax take to melt?

A: The wax typically takes around 10-15 minutes to melt completely, depending on the desired temperature setting.

Q: Can I use this kit for facial hair removal?

A: Absolutely! The DELEXI waxing kit is designed for both body and facial hair removal. It includes special applicators and wax beads for precise and effective facial hair removal.

Q: Is the wax reusable?

A: Yes, the wax beads included in the kit are reusable. Simply melt the wax again for your next waxing session.

Q: How long does the hair take to grow back after waxing?

A: The hair growth rate varies for each individual, but on average, it takes around 4-6 weeks for the hair to grow back after waxing.

Super easy to use: Achieve silky smooth skin confidently and efficiently with our user-friendly waxing kit and a comprehensive guidebook featuring expert tips and step-by-step instructions from practicing estheticians. Enjoy peace of mind with our 24/7 customer support team ready to assist you with all your inquiries.