Ahla Jaw Scent Curve – The Ultimate Aroma Diffuser

Ahla Jaw Scent Curve – The Ultimate Aroma Diffuser

Ahla Jaw Scent Curve – The Ultimate Aroma Diffuser


The Scent Curve is a user-friendly aroma diffusion system that covers up to 1000 m3. This scenting system creates a relaxing, inviting, and long-lasting scented environment. The Scent Curve could be used for hotel lobbies, conference rooms, and spas.

Product Features

  • Perfume Cold diffusion Technology
  • Plug and Play
  • Adjustable Aroma Intensity
  • Brand: Ahla Jaw
  • Type: Home Fragrances


Scent Curve is a powerful, elegant, and user-friendly aroma diffusion system. This aromatherapy essential oil diffuser uses advanced technology to provide a long-lasting scent impression and create an inviting environment. With its multiple fragrance concentration levels and programs, Ahla Jaw Scent Curve diffuser offers maximum efficiency and energy saving.

The Scent Curve diffuser has a 500ml oil container volume and is powered with a DC12V power adapter. It weighs 3Kg and has a size of 360 mm x 93 mm x 285 mm. The diffuser is designed for large spaces and can be programmed to diffuse the fragrance of your choice at an adjustable intensity.

Setting up the Scent Curve diffuser is easy, and the essential oil container includes an oil safety lock to avoid oil spills. The diffuser also has an automatic off feature and can be programmed per day or week for pre-defined working periods of time to maximize efficiency and energy saving.

The Scent Curve essential oil diffuser provides cold air diffusion with an adjustable fragrance intensity level to suit your preferences. It is simple to set up, program, and refill. The diffuser includes a timer and auto-off feature for convenience. The 500ml oil container provides a long-lasting lifetime, depending on the usage frequency defined on the diffuser, and can last for a month or more.

Creating a relaxing experience in your large spaces is simple with Ahla Jaw Scent Curve. It covers spaces of up to 1000 cubic meters, making it ideal to refresh the air and change the atmosphere mood in big environments such as hotel lobbies, conference rooms, reception areas, hospitals, restaurants, or shops.

Ahla Jaw offers more than 50 luxury essential oil bottle scents of various types, each with its own health benefits. Whether you prefer fresh, oriental, floral, or fruity fragrances, you can choose the scent that suits you the most. Please note that the Scent Curve does not include an oil bottle.

About Ahla Jaw

Ahla Jaw is a UAE-based company and one of the most creative scent marketing agencies in the Middle East. Our aim is to deliver scent marketing solutions to all kinds of businesses, industries, and private residences, enhancing their living environments and creating memorable experiences. We bring the most exquisite fragrances from nature indoors.