18 Pack of Plant Saucers – Durable Plant Trays for Indoors and Outdoors

18 Pack of Plant Saucers – Durable Plant Trays for Indoors and Outdoors

18 Pack of Plant Saucers – Durable Plant Trays for Indoors and Outdoors


Are you tired of water stains on your floors or furniture caused by excess water drainage from your potted plants? Look no further! Introducing the 18 Pack of Plant Saucers, the perfect solution to keep your indoor and outdoor spaces clean and tidy.

Main Features

  • Made of thicker and stronger plastic for enhanced durability
  • Taller design to accommodate plants of various sizes
  • Clear plastic material allows for easy visibility of water levels
  • Available in three sizes: 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use

Thicker and Stronger Plastic

Unlike traditional plant saucers, our 18 Pack is made of thicker and stronger plastic. This ensures that the saucers can withstand the weight of heavy pots without cracking or breaking. Say goodbye to flimsy saucers that need frequent replacements!

Taller Design

With a taller design, our plant saucers can accommodate plants of various sizes. Whether you have small succulents or large potted plants, these saucers provide ample space for excess water drainage, preventing any overflow and potential damage to your floors or furniture.

Clear Plastic Material

The clear plastic material of our plant saucers allows you to easily monitor the water levels. This helps you determine when it’s time to water your plants or when to empty the saucers to prevent overwatering. No more guesswork!

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Whether you have a beautiful indoor garden or a vibrant outdoor space, our plant saucers are suitable for both environments. They provide a protective barrier between your plants and the surfaces they sit on, ensuring that no water damage occurs.


The 18 Pack of Plant Saucers is a must-have for any plant lover. With their durable construction, taller design, and clear plastic material, these saucers offer convenience and peace of mind. Say goodbye to water stains and hello to a clean and organized space!