10x Jewelers Loupe – Illuminated Magnifier with LED

10x Jewelers Loupe – Illuminated Magnifier with LED

10x Jewelers Loupe – Illuminated Magnifier with LED


The 10x Jewelers Loupe is a high-quality magnifier designed for professionals and hobbyists who require precise examination of small objects. With its built-in LED light and adjustable focal length, this magnifier provides enhanced visibility and clarity.

Main Features

  • 10x magnification power
  • 25mm lens diameter
  • Built-in LED light for illumination
  • Adjustable focal length for precise focusing
  • Interchangeable reticle scale for accurate measurements

Enhance Your Examination Experience

Whether you are a jeweler, collector, or model enthusiast, the 10x Jewelers Loupe will greatly enhance your examination experience. Its 10x magnification power allows you to see intricate details that are not visible to the naked eye.

The built-in LED light provides ample illumination, ensuring that you can examine objects even in low-light conditions. This feature is especially useful when examining gems, antiques, or models with intricate designs.

With the adjustable focal length, you can easily focus on specific areas of an object, allowing for precise examination. This is particularly beneficial when inspecting small engravings, gemstone inclusions, or delicate model parts.

The interchangeable reticle scale is a unique feature of the 10x Jewelers Loupe. It allows you to accurately measure the size or distance of objects, making it an essential tool for professionals who require precise measurements in their work.


The 10x Jewelers Loupe is a versatile and innovative magnifier that offers enhanced visibility and precision. Its adjustable focal length, built-in LED light, and interchangeable reticle scale make it a valuable tool for professionals in the jewelry, antiques, and modeling industries.

Invest in the 10x Jewelers Loupe today and elevate your examination experience to a whole new level of clarity and accuracy.